Customs and Foreign Trade

In contrast to other public levies, customs duties fall within the framework of the Community law. As a result, effective support with respect to customs duty settlements requires not only a thorough knowledge of regulations and their interpretation by the Polish customs administration, but, most importantly, knowledge of the practice applied by the customs authorities of other member countries. Such issues could have a considerable impact on business decisions concerning e.g. the location for customs clearance, logistics centre or production site. Awareness of such issues can also be a significant success factor in disputes with the Polish customs authorities.

Our specialists possess comprehensive experience in providing customs advisory services to domestic entities and international corporations, which choose to locate their production and logistics activities within Poland.

Our services concerning customs duty settlements and customs procedures include:

  • advisory on tariff classification of goods, verification of correctness of CN/Tariccodes used for the purposes of applying customs duty and tax rates as well as non-tariff measures, assistance in obtaining Binding Tariff Information;
  • support in correct establishment of the customs value, in particular in transactions conducted between related parties;
  • design and implementation oftax and customs effective structures for trade in goods;
  • verification of the correctness of determining the preferential origin of imported goods and assistance in obtaining tariff preferences with respect to exported goods;
  • assistance in audit proceedings related to obtaining the status of an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO certificate) and authorisations for application of simplified customs procedures;
  • assistance in obtaining authorisations/permits and implementation of special customs procedures such as customs warehousing, temporary admission, inward and outward processing and end-use;
  • advisory on tariff quotas and customs duty suspensions, including support in protection of interests of EU manufacturers and assistance in optimisation of customs duties levied on importers;
  • mediation in contacts with customs agencies and customs authorities within Poland.
Maciej Grochulski

Maciej Grochulski
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Bartosz Bołtromiuk

Bartosz Bołtromiuk
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