Excise Tax

Due to the specific nature of excise tax, our advisory services in this field are based on our proficient cross-disciplinary knowledge, covering bothsound understanding of provisions of the tax law and expertise in areas and industries in which our clients operate.

While providing advice to our clients, we take into account the practice of the Polish tax authorities and administrative courts as well as the EU acquis, including positions presented by the Court of Justice of the EU.

Our specialists are experienced in working with clients from, among others, alcohol, automotive, energy, fuel, chemical and tobacco industries.

Our services include:

  • assessment of agreements relating to trade in excise goods and provision of support to our clients in their liaisons with contracting parties;
  • assistance in establishment of tax warehouses and obtaining excise permits;
  • tax reviews covering verification of the correctness of excise tax settlements and compliance of internal procedures with the requirements provided for under the excise tax provisions;
  • preparation of tax opinions, including opinions concerning classification of goods for excise tax purposes;
  • hedging against tax risk, including by obtaining individual interpretations andbinding excise taxand rate information;
  • support in designing structures for trading in excise goods, facilitating safe reduction of clients’ excise duty burdens;
  • support in optimisation and hedging against tax risk associated with consumption of excise tax exempt goods and energy products subject to excise tax at 0 PLN;
  • tax assistance in implementation of IT systems and their adaptation to amendments in excise tax provisions;
  • optimisation of the excise tax burden, including support in implementation of safe changes to the methodology of performing excise tax settlements and / or assistance in obtaining a refund of unduly paid tax;
  • regulatory consulting, including identification of provisions that make doing business difficult, preparation of reports concerning the impact of excise tax regulations on the client’s business activities and support in the legislative process.
Maciej Grochulski

Maciej Grochulski
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Bartosz Bołtromiuk

Bartosz Bołtromiuk
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