Financial Services

Our financial services team specialises in provision of comprehensive tax services to entities operating within the financial sector, specifically banks, investment fund companies, insurers, brokerage houses, leasing companies, entities providing loans and factoring firms.

We advise on tax issues relevant to the financial industry, consequences of restructuring of bad debt portfolios (securitisation using an investment fund), calculation of provisions for loan receivables for tax purposes, taxation of transactions relating to derivatives and securities, tax implications of specific financial products (cash pooling, factoring, repos and securities lending), VAT in financial activities and tax treatment of intra-group financial operations.

We support leasing companies in development of tax effective financing structures (securitisation of leasing receivables) and advise on leaseback transactions, among others, in real estate due diligence reviews.

We provide assistance concerning tax aspects of securities accounts and omnibus accounts. We advise on the personal income tax treatment of capital gains and benefits offered in connection with promotions organised by entities from the financial industry.

We also perform analyses concerning tax recognition of insurance products (individual and group products (bancassurance)).

Our expertise includes, among others, tax reviews conducted at largest banks and leasing companies in Poland, provision of support in international restructuring and optimisation projects, development of procedures relating to tax implications of bad debt (credit) portfolios, advisory on taxation of capital gains earned by clients of financial institutions as well as provision of support to capital market institutions in the process of drafting of amendments to income tax laws.

Andrzej Paczuski

Andrzej Paczuski
(22) 205 22 06
+48 510 051 712

Tomasz Jankowski

Tomasz Jankowski
(22) 205 22 22
+48 505 465 553

Anna Stępień

Anna Stępień
(22) 205 22 26
+48 505 455 593

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