Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

As the regulations governing activities conducted by pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers are subject to frequent changes, it is necessary to continuously monitor their tax status. Amendments to the pharmaceutical law and acts regulating the healthcare business have a direct impact on tax qualification of revenues and costs generated by such entities, which by and large determines the economic condition of individual market players.

Our team advises on the tax aspects of:

  • advertising of pharmaceutical products;
  • cooperation with hospitals and doctors;
  • provision of medical and pharmaceutical services;
  • clinical trials;
  • VAT rates applicable with respect to medicinal products, etc.

Experience gained in the course of our cooperationwith pharmaceutical and healthcare companies allows us to offer high quality services. We identify optimal forms of doing business, conduct end-to-end tax reviews and provide on-going support to our clients in fulfilment of obligations imposed by the tax law.

Maciej Grochulski

Maciej Grochulski
(22) 205 22 08
+48 501 012 085

Aneta Gniewkiewicz

Aneta Gniewkiewicz
(22) 205 22 18
+48 797 597 047

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