Real Estate

Paczuski Taudul provides advisory services to entities operating on the commercial (retail, office, warehouse and hotel properties) and residential real estate markets.In the course of our cooperation with businesses investing in real properties, we have developed optimal tax solutions for each stage of the investment process. In particular, we our experience allows us to design tax effective structures for purchases, financing and sales of real property.

In collaboration with legal firms and valuation experts, we offer all-inclusive services to the realty sector, which include:

  • due diligence reviews, which toa significant extent reduce risks arising in connection with planned purchases of real estate;
  • advisory on the tax treatment of services associated with real estate, including leasing, leaseback and rentals;
  • assistance in correct classification of fixed assets, determination of depreciation rates, tax recognition of investment expenditure and costs of exploitation and financing of properties, support in recovery of input VAT to maximise tax savings in corporate income tax, VAT and real estate tax;
  • support in development and implementation of solutions facilitating optimisation of taxation of income derived from business activities as well as gains from disposal of real estate, in particular by revaluation of the tax value of assets.
Andrzej Paczuski

Andrzej Paczuski
(22) 205 22 06
+48 510 051 712

Maciej Grochulski

Maciej Grochulski
(22) 205 22 08
+48 501 012 085

Adam Hellwig

Adam Hellwig
(32) 732 33 43
+48 502 184 966

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