Sports and Entertainment

Imprecise tax and social security provisions relating to the sports and entertainment industry, in particular in the context of international taxation, are a source of problems for artists and athletes when accounting for their revenues. Due to our practice and knowledge of the specifics of this sector, we are able to offer optimal tax solutionssignificantly reducing the tax burden and simplifying the tax settlements.

Our support in transactions concerning sales of personal image and transfers of rights to personal image to companies registered abroad has repeatedly allowed our clients to earn remuneration subject to taxation at very advantageous rates.

Our services include, among others:

  • determination of the optimal location for taxation of income derived by artists and athletes, taking into account the possibility of changing the so-called tax residence status;
  • support in accounting for income earned by artists and athletes abroad for Polish tax purposes;
  • support in accounting for remuneration remitted to foreign artists and athletes for Polish tax purposes;
  • determination of VAT rates appropriate for services rendered within the sports and entertainment industry.
Andrzej Taudul

Andrzej Taudul
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Aneta Gniewkiewicz

Aneta Gniewkiewicz
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