Tax Proceedings and Controls

Disputes with the authorities concerning tax settlements are an inherent part of doing business. Drawing on many years of experience held by our specialists – both tax advisors and former employees of the tax administration – we provide comprehensive advisory services in the course of all types of tax, fiscal and administrative court proceedings and disputes (tax / fiscal controls, proceedings concerning refunds of overpaid tax, proceedings relating to obtaining individual tax rulings, etc.).

We offer our professional support in preparing our clients for tax and fiscal controls (by analysis of their tax settlements, provision of trainings, audit of internal procedures and sensitive areas of business activities). In the course of a control, we represent our clients in contacts with the authorities or courts and / or we cooperate in any other manner preferred by the client and aligned to the needs of the control (e.g. we assist in evidence gathering activities, provision of explanations, etc.). We also prepare all submissions filed in the course of tax proceedings and proceedings before administrative courts and propose solutions aimed at minimising the risk of financial and personal (fiscal penal) liability for tax settlements.

By providing our full technical and procedural support from the moment a dispute is initiated until its resolution, we take over the burden of most of responsibilities arising in connection with litigation. We strive to limit the inconvenience of a control and potential disruptions of the client’s on-going business activities.

The effects of our services can be measured by the many advantageous resolutions obtained by our clients in cases – often involving multimillion amounts – handled by Paczuski Taudul before the tax / fiscal authorities and administrative courts.

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Maciej Grochulski
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Adam Hellwig
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