Telecommunications, media, new technologies

As the markets for new technologies and telecommunication services develop dynamically, companies from this industry face new challenges associated with the tax consequences of their activities. Technological progress facilitates expansion oftheir business and implementation of flexible adjustments totheir operating structures, while changes in the tax law allow them to employ their resources in more effective manner.

Thanks to many years of experience in servicing numerous entities, we are able to provide high quality services, which in particular include:

  • utilisation of tax reliefs by businesses investing in new technologies;
  • establishment of the initial value of fixed assets;
  • determination of the tax treatment of updates and new versions of software as well as of costs of deploying new software;
  • provision of support in solving tax issues related to representation and advertising as well as marketing actions;
  • correct qualification of costs, with a particular focus on recognition of expenditure incurred on purchases of licences and implementation services;
  • correct calculation of VAT on sales of products and services;
  • minimisation of real estate tax charges.
Piotr Korszla

Piotr Korszla
(22) 205 22 07
+48 509 802 418

Patrycja Lutak

Patrycja Lutak
(22) 205 22 03
+48 519 898 310

Aneta Gniewkiewicz

Aneta Gniewkiewicz
(22) 205 22 18
+48 797 597 047

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