About us

THE COMPANY. Paczuski Taudul Tax Advisors is one of the leading tax advisory companies in Poland. We provide our services for the Clients of various sizes and scales of operations – both with international and domestic market leaders (including in particular companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange), and and family-owned firms from the SME sector The offices of the Company are located in Warsaw, Katowice, Lublin and Wrocław.

TEAM. Our team includes over 70 specialists who support the Clients in the area of PIT, CIT, VAT, excise duty, transfer pricing and tax proceedings. Our specialists have extensive professional experience in the field of tax advisory services for entities from various sectors of the economy (with particular emphasis on the financial, real estate, automotive and trading sectors).

EXPERIENCE. Our Company demonstrates extensive experience in the provision of ongoing tax advisory services, as well as extensive knowledge of tax issues related to corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, financing and real estate/commodity transactions. We provide comprehensive tax advisory services during the proceedings before administrative court and tax authorities. Our area of expertise includes also conducting tax reviews/tax due diligences of the companies and offering our Clients solutions aimed to eliminate identified tax irregularities.


Our office in Katowice was established on 1 June 2015 as an integral part of our tax consultancy. It offers the full range of tax advisory services. The Katowice office cooperates with many entities situated in Śląsk (Silesia) and Małopolska (Lesser Poland). Its location allows us to respond to our clients’ needs in a flexible and prompt manner.

We are open to collaboration with businesses operating in all sectors of economy that are present in the southern part of Poland. We specialize in provision of services to mining, steel and metal, power, automotive as well as new technology industries. We work with international companies and Polish enterprises, including family-owned firm.

In cooperation with legal firms, valuation experts and accounting specialists we are able to ensure that our clients receive comprehensive services covering all aspects of tax consulting.

Our office in Katowice operates a Competence Centre for all matters associated with taxation with real estate tax and activities conducted within special economic zones.


The office of Paczuski Taudul Tax Advisors in Lublin was established on February 1 st 2022 as part of the next stage of the company’s development on the Polish local markets.

The basic tasks of the branch include offering a full range of tax advisory services (with particular emphasis on corporate income tax and tax reliefs) addressed to business and individual clients. The company’s main goal in connection with the establishment of the branch in Lublin was also to strengthen it’s recognizability on the local market as an entity offering comprehensive tax advisory services for entities operating in any sector of the economy.


The launch of the new branch since the beginning of March 2023 is the next step in the Company’s expansion of the regional structures, in line with the adopted strategy of striving to be a trusted advisor, familiar with the specifics of local business.

The regional office of Paczuski Taudul Tax Advisors located in Wroclaw provides a comprehensive range of tax advisory services to entities from various sectors of the economy present in the south-western part of Poland. Our activities are focused on providing a professional and individual approach to the needs and expectations of our clients. We are convinced that the possibility of a direct presence in the next region will bring tangible benefits to our present and future Clients.

Paczuski Taudul
Doradcy Podatkowi Sp. z o.o.

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ul. Giełdowa 7/9, 01-211 Warszawa

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ul. Podchorążych 1, 40-043 Katowice

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ul. Spokojna 2, 20-074 Lublin

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