Our team consists of specialists who, thanks to their extensive knowledge, help entrepreneurs in solving both current tax problems resulting from everyday operations as well as in the implementation of projects related to tax planning and optimization of existing burdens.

We advise on the qualifications and rules for recognizing the incurred costs and revenues, as well as helping in the preparation of favorable tax agreements. We offer assistance in planning financing for investment or current activities, including provisions on thin capitalization. We provide services in the field of creating tax-effective marketing plans and loyalty programs.

We support entrepreneurs operating in special economic zones as effectively use the privileges they are entitled to.

We conduct tax reviews aimed at identifying potential areas of tax savings or tax risks. We have extensive experience in conducting transaction reviews (due diligence).

Thanks to our experience, we offer practical and simple solutions, we support our clients in the processes of creating effective tax and tax structures with the use of foreign tax jurisdictions.


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