We are eager to cooperate with professionals specialised in the field of tax law, people aware of their career path and its development who are willing to take up professional challenges, are motivated and open to cooperation.

When setting up our team, we pay attention to substantive competencies and interpersonal skills.

We take care of

Partnership relations and open communication between and among team members, thanks to which our staff have the courage to implement interesting projects.

We try to be flexible by providing space to achieve goals in the most convenient manner.
It is of utter importance for us to create a comfortable workplace and thus keep balance between personal and professional life.

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Paczuski Taudul
Doradcy Podatkowi Sp. z o.o.

Spółka doradztwa podatkowego

KRS: 0000688299

NIP: 5272814340

REGON: 367913549


ul. Giełdowa 7/9, 01-211 Warszawa

tel. 22 205 22 00

fax 22 205 22 01



ul. Podchorążych 1, 40-043 Katowice

tel. 32 704 79 39

fax 22 205 22 01