In contrast to the remaining public tributes, customs duties are the domain of Community law. Consequently, effective support in the field of customs clearance requires not only knowledge of regulations and their interpretation by the Polish customs administration, but above all knowledge about the practice of their application by customs authorities of other Member States. These issues can have a significant impact on business decisions regarding, for example, the place of customs clearance, the location of a logistics center or a production plant. Their knowledge can also be an important success factor in the event of a dispute with Polish customs authorities.

Our specialists have extensive experience in customs advisory for domestic entities and international corporations locating production and logistics activities in Poland.

Our services in the field of billing and customs procedures include:

  • advice on the tariff classification of goods, verification of the correctness of the CN / Taric codes used for the purposes of applying customs and tax rates and non-tariff measures, assistance in obtaining Binding Tariff Information;
  • assistance in correctly establishing the customs value, in particular in transactions between related entities;
  • design and implementation of effective trade and tax structures for commodity trading;
  • verification of the correctness of determining the preferential origin of imported goods and assistance in obtaining customs preferences for exported goods;
  • assistance in audit proceedings related to the granting of the status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO certificate) and permits for the use of simplified customs procedures;
  • assistance in obtaining permits and implementing customs special procedures such as customs warehousing, temporary admission, inward and outward processing and end-use;
  • advising on tariff quotas and suspensions, including support to protect the interests of Union producers and assistance in optimizing the importers’ duties;
  • mediation in dealing with customs agencies and customs authorities throughout the country;


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