Due to the special nature of excise duty, our advice in this area is based on thorough knowledge of an interdisciplinary nature, including both proficient knowledge of tax law, as well as specialist knowledge of the fields and industries in which our clients operate.

By advising clients, we take into account the practice of Polish tax authorities and administrative courts, as well as the acquis, including the positions developed by the Court of Justice of the EU.

Our specialists have experience in working, among others for clients in the alcohol, automotive, energy, fuel, chemical and tobacco industries.

The scope of our services includes:

  • issuing opinions on contracts whose subject matter is trading in excise goods and supporting clients in their relations with contractors;
  • assistance in setting up tax warehouses and obtaining excise tax permits;
  • tax reviews including verification of the correctness of excise tax settlements and compliance of internal procedures with the requirements resulting from excise regulations;
  • preparation of tax opinions, including regarding the classification of goods for excise purposes;
  • securing tax risk, including obtaining individual interpretations, binding excise and tariff information;
  • support in creating structures for the circulation of excise goods enabling safe reduction of excise duties of the client;
  • support in optimizing and securing the tax risk related to the consumption of products exempt from excise duty and energy products subject to a tax rate of PLN 0;
  • tax assistance in the implementation of IT systems and their adaptation to changes in excise regulations;
  • optimization of excise duties, including support in a safe change of the excise settlement methodology and / or assistance in obtaining a refund of an unduly paid tax;
  • regulatory consultancy, including identification of regulations hindering business operations, preparation of reports on the impact of excise regulations on clients’ activities and support in the legislative process.

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maciej grochulski
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+48 501 012 085

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