Family businesses play a leading role in the economy of Poland, the European Union and the rest of the world. It is estimated that in the European Union they constitute 60% of all operating enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises predominate among family businesses. Few, however, remember that family businesses are also: Ikea, BMW, Carrefour, Cargil, and Polish Mokate or Fakro.

In family businesses, values ​​are naturally embedded in which the host of managers and consultants deal with building in a modern business. Family relationships can be a source of ethical action, sensitivity to the needs of others, teamwork skills, conscious leadership, and above all, a sense of community and loyalty.

Consulting for family businesses requires individual solutions. Many years of cooperation with entrepreneurs made us aware of the importance of tax security for them and optimal solutions adapted to their business strategy. For family businesses, we prepare safe and optimal solutions that enable them to succeed in a competitive market. We help in the management of private and family assets and property planning. We coordinate relations with investment banks and administrators of companies from foreign jurisdictions in which assets have been deposited.

As part of our practice, we also advise on how to plan the transfer of business to future generations, ensuring stability and long-term development of the company.


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