Providing consultancy services, we rely on the experience gained and knowledge of tax regulations applicable in foreign jurisdictions, giving the opportunity to benefit from reliefs, layoffs or other special solutions resulting from directives, double taxation conventions, as well as internal regulations of a given country.

Cooperation with renowned foreign tax and legal offices allows us to provide consultancy services in the field of designing the structure of investing and running a business in a given country, its financing as well as the completion of operations. We also work with entities that provide support for the setting up process, as well as legal, administrative, tax and accounting services for capital and personal companies, providing comprehensive project support.

We advise in particular on:

  • withholding tax on interest, dividends or royalties;
  • the possibility to benefit from exemptions, reliefs and deductions resulting from EU directives and international agreements, including related documentary obligations;
  • solutions for financing operations through cash pooling or netting systems;
    verification of obligations under the regulations on foreign controlled companies (CFC);
  • existence of a “permanent establishment” of a foreign entrepreneur in Poland, including offering support in the field of documenting settlements between the headquarters and the plant, determining the allocation of revenues and costs of the headquarters to the plant;
  • taxation of foreigners coming to Poland, as well as Poles delegated to work abroad.

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